Magic Hands Holistic Massage and Sound Therapy

Harold Gill

Licensed Massage Therapist

A Harmonious healing experience

Holistic Massage in symphony with music and Sound Therapy

Picture yourself in a comfortable, pleasant room with soft lighting, and warm therapeutic music induced into your body from the massage table in a wondrously healing manner. Harold's experienced, intuitive hands are working their healing magic enhanced by the healing energy of music and sound. You will be modestly covered to assure your personal comfort while gently flowing strokes, invigorating friction and therapeutic pressure are applied to relax, heal and enliven your body. Aromatherapy is also available to add to the therapeutic value of this massage experience.

Gone are the tense muscles and emotional blocks that clouded your enjoyment of life. You are rejuvenated and ready to face the world a new person.

Your therapy session with Harold is nurturing, healing and therapeutic in purpose. Intuitively tailored to your specific needs. It is Harold's intention to release and remove the stress from your body and mind. Whether of a physical, mental or emotional cause.

Harold's studio is decorated to remove the 'clinical' apearance of the typical massage room. You will step into a beautiful scene of a pleasant wooded clearing designed to create an atmosphere of serenity and healing.

Types of Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

The basic massage therapy. Gently flowing strokes relax tight muscles and connective tissue by encouraging the release of tension. Helps to ballance the overall flow of vital body energy. The goal is to achive complete muscle and body relaxation.


A colection of specific massage techniques and stretches including deep tissue and trigger point therapy to release, rehabilitate and revitalize muscles and connective tissue.

Sports Massage

Massage tailored to prepair the athlete for an event and rejuvenation after an event, or workout.

Sound Therapy

Known as Vibroacoustic Therapy is the application of music or sound vibrations to directly influence the healing of the physical, mental and emotional body. The healing effects of music and sound therapy are verified by such authors as : Mitchell L. Gaynor M.D. Don Campbell, Kay Gardner and hal Lingerman. This integrated therapy is offered exclusively by Harold Gill in his studio or, in your home.


The applicationof pressure to reflex points on the feet of hands that correspond to organs, glands and structures in the body. By working these reflexes, energy flow is restored to the associated area's.


The practice of using natural essential oils to revitalize area's of weakness within the body by way of penetration and aroma.

Cellulite Massage

A method of stimulating the Lymph system for better circulation. Facilitating the removal of toxins and Cellulite from fatty tissues in and beneath the skin.

Harold with a client

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Sound Therapy Healing

New technology for an ancient art

By Harold Gill

In my application of music or sound Therapy, known technically as Vibroacoustic Therapy, I have transducers attached to the massage table in such a way that the music or tone vibration permeates into the body of the person lying on the table. The music is also heard from speakers in the room. All the music I use for massage therapy is chosen for it's healing properties. Healing music is pleasing to the mind, includes frequencys that assist the immune system and have a slow rhythm that encourages relaxation.

From ancient time to present day, sound and music have been used to influence humans physically, emotionally and spiritually. Native peoples used drums during ceremonies both to relax and to stimulate. In early North American cultures, when a baby attended its first ceremony, it heard the drum and was comforted. The drum replicates the beat of the mother’s heart. The drumbeat is symbolic of life itself, and the drum is honored as symbolic of the heartbeat of nature. In the music of India, the Drone is all-important. Before the music begins, the drone is sounded, usually by use of the Tamboura. When the drone and the audience are vibrating in sync the melody begins.

Through the studies of: Don Campbell, Mitchell L. Gaynor M. D., Kay Gardner and Hal Lingerman, the benefits of sound and music therapy in health and healing have been brought to our generation. It is now known that the Drone (sustained low frequency tones rich with harmonics), has a deeply relaxing effect on the muscles of the body due to entrainment, or becoming ‘in sync’ with it’s frequency.

My inspiration for applying the sound directly to the massage table came from the reading of Saved by the light by Dannion Brinkley where he ‘saw’ "...a bed whose musical components relax a person very deeply" and " the most important component of the stress reduction centers". The Mozart Effect by Don Campbell has helped me apply the technique.

About Harold Gill

Born in Minnesota and raised on a family farm, I learned to be kind to all creatures. Having a sensitivity to all things, I could feel the pain of any thing that was suffering. I grew up with a desire to touch the hurt, and often did, whether it was family members, pets or farm animals.

At the age of 12, I received a spiritual message that I was chosen for a divine purpose to those in need of healing love and was told to prepare myself. Understanding it as a spiritual calling, I accepted the promise and studied the scriptures.

At the age of 29 I was called to minister as did the Christ and was ordained to preach, but not authorized by that church to perform hands on healing, so it would be from a higher authority that the healing love was to come through me.

In 1981 when I attended a basic massage class in Phoenix Az. My faith in healing through touch was reborn. In the years that followed, I gave healing massage to family, friends, and co-workers developing a unique intuitive technique. Often called a magic touch.

In 1990, Patricia Thompson, a woman with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was referred to me for massage. From that service, I became a professional massage therapist.

In 1992, to properly serve my clientele, I sought professional schooling. I attended Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, in Scottsdale, AZ. In 1994 I left Motorola Inc. after 28 years of service to perform my calling full time.

My basic and continuing education includes Swedish, Cellulite and Lymphatic Massage. Craniosacral therapy, T M J therapy, Polarity therapy, Myotherapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Breast health, Fibromyalgia therapy, Chakra balance and Reiki. I am licensed in the Arizona cities of: Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Tempe.

In 1995, I read Saved by the light by Dannion Brinkley. He described a 'bed' connected to sound that could profoundly relax a person who laid on it. I endeavored to create a massage table that would accomplish the same thing. I found components that would put the healing energy of music into the table without being too loud. I read The Mozart Effect and Sounds of Healing. I have assembled an extensive library of therapeutic music and sounds from artists dedicated to sound healing to activate the table while I massage. I also use the system with tuning forks and toning for Chakra balancing.

Healing love is a divine calling. My life purpose is to bring healing love to body mind and soul through touch and sound. I am gratified to receive the testimony of people that have benefited from my service such as: Thank you for your openness .... during the last healing session. You are a powerful healer. Tamara Curtis Casa Grande, AZ. "Harold's manner is calm and reassuring. He is always the healer" Lois Valleau Sun Lakes, AZ.